Carlos Ramos y Su Orquesta Fuego's LP "Tecato" was to be the soundtrack to a never-released movie of the same name. Tecato--slang for a heroin addict--speaks to the emerging madness that was beginning to bubble in the streets of Nueva York as the economic and social decay that would give birth to Hip-Hop in a few years began its reign. 

The record embodies the mixture of chaos and beauty that was experienced in the streets as first generation Nuyoricans were merging the rhythms and realities of their Island-born parents with the energy and sounds of New York City. The music of this spectacular soundtrack, which was recorded in one take, mixes Guaguanco, Soul, Psychedelic Rock and Santeria. 

Imagine standing on the corner of 116th and Lexington in the middle of July, while from every window there is a different sound blasting. That is what Carlos Ramos y su Orquesta Fuego sounds and feels like. 

Sociedad Records is honored to release "Candelo" and "Lightning & Flash" from this incredible LP as its inaugural release. Remastered and released as a double-sided single for the first time, these two diverse & heavy sounds are an automatic collector's piece. 


Released 01 September 2014

©2014 Sociedad Records. Special Thanks to G. Velez. 
Written by C. Ramos & B. De. Jesus