Orquesta La Moderna, The Modern Orchestra. The name plainly states the band's intention to champion the new sound and culture that was exploding in Nueva York at the time. The origins of the band also speak to the reality of the times. As these first generation Nuyoricans were listening to the soul, rock, and jazz joints that were dominating their neighborhoods, they were also soaking in the sounds that were blasting from their parents' turntables. Moderna married the sounds of rock, guaguanco and bomba, a potent trio of influence that spawned their classic debut, originally released in the early '70s on Amaral Records, the infamous and collectible Brooklyn label that was also responsible for Dax Pacem Orchestra. 

The Planet of Brooklyn was formidable when it came to the salsa game, from influential originators like Ray Barretto and Richie Ray to underground legends like the aforementioned Dax Pacem and the Brooklyn Sounds. Orquesta La Moderna was a perfect fit within the controlled chaos of that Brooklyn style. 

Lifted off of their debut album, remastered and presented on 7" for the first time, the A-Side “La Oportunidad” begins with a piano riff and a musical exhale from one of the band members who then introduces the band’s name. Take notice, as the percussion kicks in and the trombones start yelling, it's clear: the band has arrived....and the sound is here to stay. Nuyorican guaguanco at its purest and finest. 

The second title, "Picadillo," is a descarga composed and made famous by the legendary timbalero Tito Puente. Moderna takes this timeless classic from the club all the way home to the 'hood and infuses it with a wild energy that transports you from Los Sures through Bushwick all the way to East New York and back onto the dance floor. 


Released 10 November 2014

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