San Simón exists somewhere between the deep moods of Soulquarian neosoul, an electric Afro-Cuban rumba, the sounds of 70s Blaxploitation and the intoxicating meters of Kiskeyan roots rhythms and revelry. The band formed in 2014 when guitarist and composer Evan Ubiera sought out a group of like-minded musicians who were also friends from previous musical experiences.

Initial song sketches revolved around soul, neosoul and Afro-Caribbean styles, with room for jazz improvisation, all while not losing a focus on songs that could just as well be played and sung on an acoustic guitar by a single performer. A balance of the memorable, the fun and eclectic. The song's twists and turns complement words inspired by urban struggle, self-assertion and heartfelt political manifestos. It can get personal, political and both at the same time.