The third installment of Sociedad’s ¡Dura! Series couldn't have picked a better representation of the heavy and elite flavors of New York City salsa. From the signature sound of the band to the backstory of the label they were on, Dax Pacem represents the golden era of salsa so perfectly. Their legendary stage battles against everyone from The Brooklyn Sounds to some of the greats from Fania made them a people's favorite throughout New York City in the 1970s.

Their lone recorded output, an extremely scarce and sought after self-titled LP on Amaral Records, has achieved a cult following amongst dedicated collectors and salsa enthusiasts. With the direct involvement of Dax Pacem member Mr. Nice Guy, Benny Vargas aka The King of Underground Salsa, Sociedad has selected two unbelievable selections to remaster and re-release from that legendary album.